CI Tennis Academy offers coaching groups for all levels and ages of players. Groups are graded by our certification system whereby players move up through the levels and court sizes/ball types as they progress. As they train they progress technically, tactically and physically and have various tests along the way.
Squads at all ages have:

Recreational squads - 1 hour per week, £6 members and Under 8, £7.50 non-members Over 8 years old
Team squads - 1.5 hours per week, £7.50 per week members only
Performance squads
- 3 hours per week, £10 per week members only

Team and Performance squads are only for players who have reached Level 1 in the Red, Orange and Green levels or Advanced in the Yellow ball program.

Red Tennis

Red tennis is for 4-8 year olds, it is played with a red ball on various sizes of mini tennis courts as the children's level improves. The progression through Red tennis is as follows:

Red 3 - Beginners
Red 2 - Improvers
Red 1 - Intermediate
Red Performance - Advanced

Orange Tennis

Orange tennis is for 7 to 10 year olds and is played with an orange ball on 3/4 of a full court. There are 2 levels of orange to progress through and an extra level for performance players.

Orange 2 - Beginners / Improvers
Orange 1 - Intermediate
Orange Performance - Advanced

Green Tennis

Green Tennis is for 9-12 year olds and is played with a green ball on a full tennis court for 1 hour per week. Green tennis just has one level with an additional level for performance players.

Green 1 - Improvers / Intermediate
Green Performance - Advanced

Yellow Tennis

Yellow tennis is played on the full court with the yellow ball. There are 4 grades of yellow ball tennis:

Beginners: Players who have very little tennis experience and are learning the basics.
Improvers: Players who have gained some experience and confidence in the game and have a grasp of the basic techniques.
Intermediate: Players with significant experience who are learning more advanced techniques and have some match play experience.
Advanced: Players who compete in tournaments and have already a firm grasp of advanced techniques and tactics.